Our design capabilities include site planning, building design, and construction details. We will navigate the project through regulation, produce drawings and specifications, and perform regular site visits through construction.


Lineal inc. also provides abbreviated services for projects that do not require full design and coordination. Because we are licensed general contractors as well as registered architects our team can tackle projects at any stage. Our team can establish the right level of scope and recommend where and how our services will fit.


Understanding what's possible is an important early step in the design process. By researching local zoning codes and restrictions Lineal Inc. can determine what's possible on a particular site, what's appropriate for the neighborhood, and what's within your budget.


Utilizing the space you already have can be the most cost effective way to improve your building. We understand how spaces are used and can recommend how to organize and place furniture and walls to take advantage of your existing space.


The firm can produce a set of as-built drawings that document what exists. These documents can be an invaluable tool for owners who need to understand what it is they already have.